Collection: The VAGINA Collection

Let’s get to the point, with this collection, I wanted to focus on the power of womanhood from all walks of life and show the beauty of variety. When you see the word “Vagina”, depending on your thought process, your mind may go into something sexual, or you may even feel uncomfortable acknowledging the word. The “vagina” is a beautiful place. Women are truly magical beings and I wanted to celebrate that. With each model, I wanted them to share their honest, vulnerable thoughts during the shoot about womanhood, misconceptions about non-binaries, society, etc. Society often pushes the narrative of there’s only ONE way a woman can be seen as “desirable”, or can be considered a “woman”, or laws are created to make women/non binaries feel “less than”. So when you’re wearing an item from this collection, I hope you know you THAT “bitch” and you’re a magical being, and that NO one can take that away from you.  - Sarai/Nina